Thoughts on Teaching

I believe students take Technology Education courses because they want to learn real-world skills and concepts through hands-on learning techniques. I also believe it is important for students to learn how to problem solve and how to design, in my classroom I want to have each project have a design element the student must figure out. I also strongly believe it is not about the end product as much as it about the journey the student will take to get there.

As a way of teaching the students, I would like to split them up into small groups where they will work together to reach a vision. Through their team they will get hands on experience in teamwork and leadership as well as will be able to use each others experiences and knowledge to be successful. In these groups students will learn from each other not just from the teacher.


One Response to Thoughts on Teaching

  1. Nick Loesch says:

    Very Nice website, looks like you a have been busy in scouts and busy learning technology and have done both quite well. Congratulations on your achievements. “Many are called but few are chosen:”

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