Online Assessments

Online Quizes:

With the push to be greener it makes the most sense to cut back on papers whenever possible. For this reason I have developed my own online test which I hope to be able use in my future classes. This online test gives students extra practice using computers as well as makes editing and updating very easy for me to do each year. An example question of my online quiz is below:

1. The following are acceptable forms of glasses you may use to protect your eye while working in the lab. (Choose all that apply)

A. Prescription Glasses

B. ANSI Approved Safety Glasses

C. Sunglasses

D. Prescription Glasses with side shields

The correct Answer is B: ANSI Approved Safety Glasses are the only glasses you can wear in labs that I oversee.

Online tests can be made at:

Online Rubrics:

Instead of having to worry about students misplacing rubrics and wasting more paper, I would like to put them online so they can be accessed anywhere.  Here is a sample rubric that I have created for a multimedia project the students would be given:


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